Our Company has successfully completed the first phase of the design study for the beach Nourishment and shoreline Protection for the Athena Pallas Village and Elea Village hotels. They are both located in a coastal village called Nikiti which belongs to Chalkidiki Regional Unit.

The first phase included:

  • field investigation
  • sediment sample collection
  • bathymetric and topographic survey
  • photographic documentation/aerial mapping
  • marine vegetation mapping
  • preliminary/conceptual design

The proposed marine works were designed with respect to the operational needs set out by the hotels management as well as the conservation of the sensitive ecosystem and the sediment equilibrium of the coast. The field investigation and mapping of marine vegetation was largely relied upon high resolution orthophoto maps that were created using photogrammetry software and photographs acquired with unmanned airborne vehicle (UAV). The orthophoto also served as an excellent means of presenting and communicating the scope of works to the client.

We have been promptly instructed to commence the next project phase which includes a specialized coastal engineering study using a mathematical model as well as the appropriate environmental impact assessment studies, for acquiring environmental permitting. Photo 08_CN02_02(Elea)