Underground Parking Station on Penteli Avenue - Chalandri Attica

Chalandri is one of the largest municipalities of Attica and is located in the north suburbs of Athens. It is an important residential area with an intense commercial activity in its center, while many known Greek and Multinational companies, embassies etc. are situated. The access towards Chalandri area is served by large avenues like Kifisias and Mesogeion together with Attiki Odos, while a respectable percentage of traffic from neighboring areas is channeled through main roads inside its limits (Penteli Ave, Doukissis Plakentias Str. etc.)

Mr. Konstantinos Sarantopoulos prompted the construction of a three-story building, on a privately owned land, along Penteli Ave and on its section included in Chalandri. The building had a pilotis and two basements where an underground parking station was designed, in order to serve the needs of the building. The study of traffic connection of the underground parking station was assigned in 2006 to consultant engineer Albert Paul Yamin and it was completed in 2007.

Project facts:

• Private self-service parking station at two basements and one pilotis, for 190 vehicles, according to national standards
• Entrance-exit configuration on Penteli Ave
• Provision for waiting areas of 24m2 και 91m2
• The additional traffic load, due to the operation of the parking station, does not cause any significant burden on the local road network