Underground Parking Station in Tripoli - Tripoli Region

Tripoli is the largest city and the capital of Arcadia, in Central Peloponnese. It is the commercial center of the greater area and collects the main professional activities in combination with restaurants and coffee shops both in the city center and in its edges. The common problem of Greek cities is the lack of public parking spaces, which is noted in Tripoli too, creating an unbearable saturation of free space due to the unregulated and illegal parking. Thus, every new building activity (offices, shops etc.) that is located in the sensitive area of city center must be thoroughly examined concerning possible additional needs in parking space or extra load of the road network.

In 2008, the company Ydrogeios Asfalistiki SA decided the construction of a new three–story office building, on a privately owned land, along with the design of an underground parking station, so as to serve the visitors and employees. The building is located in a key area of the city, on Nafplion St, that connects the National Road Athens-Kalamata with Tripoli. Ydrogeios Asfalistiki SA assigned consultant engineer Albert Paul Yamin in 2008, the design of the parking station and the investigation of its operational impact on the road network. It is noted that the provision of the parking station was essential in order to issue the building permit from the respective public services. The design of the parking station was duly completed in the same year (2008).

Project facts:

• A private self-service car parking station of a total area of 3,385m2, located in the two basements of the building, in order to serve 111 vehicles (6 parking spaces for disabled people according to national standards)
• Temporary entrance-exit configuration from the parking along Nafplio Street through a transit corridor which is 7m wide. A future entrance-exit configuration towards the north parallel street after its opening
• A waiting lane for 3 vehicles along the transit corridor
• A proposal of entrance and exit corridors towards and from the parking station
• The additional load of the parking station operation is calculated up to 67 vehicles at rush hour and it does not cause any significant burden of the road network