Underground Parking Station in Drapetsona - Attica

Drapetsona is located southwest of Athens, near Piraeus port and belongs to Keratsini – Drapetsona Municipality. It collects significant industrial activity (such as oil companies, shipyards etc.) while it has been built mainly with labor and refugee housing, giving a special character to the region. The proposed redevelopment of the coastal front, by constructing the essential infrastructure, will make Drapetsona a great maritime and sea sports center of the Saronic Gulf. Additionally it presents considerable commercial activity especially Piraeus close to St. Dionisios Church, where Ethnikis Antistaseos Str. begins, which is the most important and commercial street of Drapetsona.

Christos Roussounelos, a building contractor, has decided the construction of a seven-story building, on a privately owned land located in the region mentioned above, in the junction of Ethnikis Antistaseos, Doganis and Boudoutsi Streets, along with an underground parking station and a pilotis, so as to serve the parking needs of the building. The study of traffic connection of the parking station and the investigation of its traffic impact to the road network of the area was assigned in 2008 to consultant engineer Albert Paul Yamin and was duly completed in the same year. It is noted that the study was conducted in order to issue the building permit from the respective public services.

Project facts:

• Private self-service parking station, located in the two basements and the pilotis of the building, in order to serve 98 vehicles, according to national standards (2 parking spaces for disabled people)
• Design of a 7m wide entrance and exit along Doganis Str. and a 4.5m wide entrance and exit along Boudoutsi Str.
• Provision for waiting areas of 37,5m2 and 25m2 along the entrance of the parking and the pilotis respectively
• Checking of proposed route paths towards the parking entrance and from its exit
• The additional traffic load due to parking station operation was estimated up to 26 vehicles at rush hour which doesn’t cause any significant surcharge to the local road network