Cruise Terminal Port - Rhodes Island

Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese in the southeast Aegean Sea with significant tourism infrastructure. The cruise terminal, part of which is a protected archaeological site, serves tourist vessels and cruise ships from and out of the Schengen zone. The cruise terminal is located west of the passenger terminal, in the extension towards the sea of the eastern fortification wall of the medieval city of Rhodes.

In the terminals land area, apart from the archeological site, there are several buildings supporting passenger operation and administration. Access to the terminal is gained through a centrally located gate and two auxiliary gates. To enhance facility productivity and improve offered services to the marine tourist industry CNWAY completed a traffic management plan and land-use zoning study on behalf of civil engineer Constantinos Yamin for the Municipal Port Authority of South Dodecanese.

Project Facts:

  • Estimated Project cost 22,000 €
  • Shifting central gate on the east side of the terminal
  • Allocating land area for an organized taxi station with a capacity of 25 vehicles near the main gate
  • Designation of six Parking areas for 46 vehicles and 27 tourist coaches
  • Two Assembly areas in case of an emergency incident
  • Traffic planning for vehicles and pedestrians, surface marking details, signs and pedestrian paths of 780m total length and crossings