Main Port of Karpathos Island

Karpathos is the second largest island in the Dodecanese in the southeast Aegean Sea between Rhodes and Crete. The island’s major port facility is located in the bay wells located on the southeast side and which acts as sea gate for passengers and goods arriving on the island. The port facilities also provide safe shelter for a small number of fishing and leisure craft.

The wave disturbance study has two objectives. First is to investigate the impact on existing wave disturbance from the construction of the proposed works and secondly to predict the wave disturbance along the new ferry berths and to estimate their annual operational availability.

The offshore wave characteristics were estimated by means of wave hindcasting using the model JONSEY of the modelling suite SeaWorks by HR Wallingford. The wave disturbance study was conducted using the ARTEMIS model of TMS (Telemac-Mascaret System) that solves the elliptic mild-slope equations.

Project facts:

  • Mesh dimension 770x730 metres, 157,000 elements and 79,500 nodes
  • 3 project layouts
  • 2 wind directions, every observed wind intensity above 5 bf per direction (a total of 6 cases per layout)