Main Port of Sifnos Island

The Island of Sifnos is situated in the western part of the Cyclades complex. Kamares is the Island’s main port and is located in the homonymous bay in the northwest. The existing port facilities consist of a windward jetty, alongshore quay walls and a small leeward pier.

The sediment transport study was carried out as part of the design project to improve the port facilities in Kamares bay, which was commissioned to our company by the Prefecture of South Aegean. The aim of the study was to investigate the impact of the proposed works on the beach at the lee side.

The offshore wave characteristics were estimated using the JONSEY model from the Seaworks marine software suite and coastal sediment transport simulation was carried out with the TMS (Telemac-Mascaret System) numerical model suite. TMS is based on the internal coupling of the individual models of wave propagation (TOMAWAC), wave induced currents (TELEMAC2D) and sediment transport (SISYPHE).

Sediment transport study facts:

  • Mesh dimension 2,200x1,600 meters, 17,000 elements and 9,000 nodes
  • 2 project layouts
  • One year simulation time, 3 wind directions, all wind intensities above and including 3bf.