Multipurpose Terminal Port of Souda - Crete Island

Souda bay is located on the northwest coast of Crete. Due to its geographical characteristics it is one of the safest natural harbors in the Mediterranean. The Souda port facilities are located in the southwest of the bay and approximately 13 km from its entrance. Adjacent to and to the east is the naval base of Souda (Souda Naval Base) and to the west are the water sports facilities of Souda municipality.

The aim of the study was to investigate the impact on existing sediment transport equilibrium from the construction of the works as proposed in the "Update of Souda Port Master Plan" (April 2008). The effects from the future expansion of the pier "Adrias" and the completion of the Multipurpose Port Terminal were studied.

The offshore wave characteristics were estimated using the JONSEY model from the Seaworks marine software suite and coastal sediment transport simulation was carried out with the Mike21 numerical model suite. Mike21 is based on the internal coupling of the individual models of wave propagation (Mike21 NSW), wave induced currents (Mike21 HD) and sediment transport (Mike21 ST).

Sediment transport study facts:
  • 2 project layouts
  • One year simulation time and its projection to 5-year and 10-year forecasts
  • 3 wind directions, all wind intensities above 4 or 5bf (depending on the direction).