CNWAY and its Associates have successfully completed the study of a small port in Karystos of Evia Island on behalf of the firm “Blue Farm S.A.”.

Blue Farm S.A. has been active in the fish farming business since 1988 and it operates two farms, one in Marmari and the other in Karystos both located in Evia Island. Karystos unit is mostly used for rearing Mediterranean Sea fishes in floating cages. To support the maritime activities of the unit, small crafts are used to transport fish food, fishes, and staff to and from the cages. Small crafts regularly berth on a temporary pier of poor quality, having no protection from the southward waves, which are prevailing, during winter time. It is noted that when crafts are not in use, they anchor in the open sea.

When Karystos bay is hit by southward waves, operations on the pier are performed with extreme difficulty, endangering the company's personnel and equipment. This often results in suspension of production activities, with subsequent loss in revenue.

Considering the criticality of continuous pier operation to support the overall production process of the farm, it was necessary to upgrade the port infrastructure with the aim to:

  • Protect small boats and their equipment from waves,
  • Improve working and safety conditions of company’s personnel,
  • Minimise days when maritime activities are suspended due to adverse wave conditions.

It is noted that layout design was aided by sediment transport study, which focused on the provision of sedimentation-preventing groyne, while limiting potential impacts of the proposed works on the adjacent beaches.

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