Fanes Village - Rhodes Island

The fishing harbor of Fanes is located on the Northwestern coast of Rhodes Island, approximately 30 Kilometers Southwest of Rhodes Town. Its present layout was formed after three consecutive construction phases took place in 1990, 1991 and 1996. In its present state it faces a severe sedimentation problem which dramatically reduces port operational reliability and capacity and costs several thousand euros per year in maintenance dredging. Additionally, the accumulation of material in the updrift side of the harbor causes erosion in the downdrift area, with severe consequences to the coastal properties.

Due to the severity of the sedimentation problems encountered, the Port Authority of South Dodecanese launched a preliminary design competition in 2012, with objectives a) resolve the sedimentation problem to the harbor and control erosion to the downdrift coastline b) increase fishing harbor boat capacity.

CNWAY proposal was awarded the first place for its highly innovative technical approach and for the increased functionality and solution efficiency.


Project Facts:

  • Estimate project construction Cost 5,550,000€
  • Unique external works design to divert sediments off the port entrance
  • Fishing vessel capacity: 170 berths for boats up to 20 meters
  • Launching Ramp 6 meters wide
  • Total Land area 9,725 square meters
  • Beach protection works and nourishment for 250 meters of coast